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Wood Oils

What is Wood Oil?

Wood oil penetrates the wood and provides a natural appearance. If you love wood and want to feel the wood when you touch it without losing its naturalness, you can use wood oils.

What Does Wood Oil Do?

Wood without bark needs protection. If the wood is not covered with a suitable product, cracks and decays begin to occur over time. Wood oil allows you to protect your woods without losing their naturalness.

Types of Wood Oil

There are wood oil types according to usage areas and needs. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether it will be applied to wood used indoors or outdoors. CLOU wood oils such as teak oil, linseed oil, bangkirai oil, deck oil, thermowood oil and exotic oils can be used for outdoor woods. Among the CLOU wood oils, transparent  wood oil, hard wax wood oil, hard wood oil plus, wood worktop oil, linseed oil can be preferred for interior woods.

Food Grade Wood Polish

Wood that will come into contact with food, for example, wooden countertops, cutting / presentation boards, etc. Products with Food Contact Conformity Certificate should be preferred. You can use CLOU Worktop Oil with peace of mind for this purpose among CLOU products.